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To Access the Furniture Bank

Our Furniture Bank is accessible to anyone who has a legitimate need and is an active participant in improving their life situation. Every client must be pre-registered with us and will need to undergo a simple needs assessment. [Note: We have a close working relationship with Love INC (a faith-based referral resource) and can refer a client to them also if the client desires.]

To access the Furniture Bank:

1. Complete Registration Form. To request a registration form, email registration request to Pastor John at

2. Conduct Needs Assessment interview. You will be contacted after a completed Registration Form is returned.

3. If approved, pay access fee of $50. Any checks need to be made payable to 'Share Inc'. Sorry, we do not accept cash or credit cards at this time.

4. Make appointment (after fee is paid).

5. Visit the Furniture Bank and 'shop'.

(a) The client will need to make arrangements to provide their own vehicle for transportation and also the 'muscle' to load/unload.

(b) We are first-come/first-served with respect to inventory. We do not hold or reserve inventory. Additionally, we may not always have everything on hand a client needs. We will strive to do our best to communicate availability during the needs assessment process.

(c) Due to high demand and limited inventory, we have per-family limits on couches, dressers, dining tables and microwaves (only one per family--subject to availability, of course). You will be allowed a maximum of 1 hour in the furniture bank—so plan your trip!

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